"It takes a village to educate and empower girls and nothing we do is done alone. The village works."

                                                                Simeaka Melton, Dear Girls Founder


Dear Girls Academy, Inc's mission is to break cycles of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty. Closing the educational, opportunity and literacy gap is our objective. Nurturing the social and emotional wellness while providing a space where girls are able to practice using the power of their voices is our awesome sauce!

By becoming a member of The Village Works, you demonstrate to all girls that investing in the state of girls and their futures matters.

It takes a village to invest in the state of girls and together, we can increase the amount of girls who have the opportunity break cycles of domestic violence, homelessness and poverty. 


Dear Girls is devoted to providing direct services and mentorship to teen girls with emotional, social and financial adversities with a mission to break cycles of domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness and poverty.



Volunteers are essential to our program and have a great impact on the progress of the girls we serve. We encourage our parents to join our volunteer group. 


Volunteerism is the heart and soul of our organization and we recognize that volunteers are the key to us achieving our mission. Dear Girls Academy, Inc. sincerely appreciates and needs the contributions of talent, skills, time, and financial support of people just like you in order to accomplish our mission.

Every dollar and cent matters. The amount of your donation is determined by you. 

It takes a village to create change and together we play a huge role. In addition to a monetary donation there are many ways to give.  Dear Girls welcomes volunteers and resources to continue our work.

For more information please email Simeaka Melton, Chief Executive Officer

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